Colorado Updates

At Issue: Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission rulemaking

This year, Colorado is in the process of re-writing many rules at the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC).  The rules that have been proposed govern oil and gas exploration and development as a result of legislation passed in Colorado last year that reorganized the commission and added new regulatory and permitting requirements.  Members of industry understand the public concerns that led to this new legislation.  However, many believe the proposed rules would unnecessarily discourage and delay – or even prohibit – investment and further development of these important resources in Colorado

Among the concerns, the proposed rules:

• Impose a three month timing restriction in the name of protecting wildlife habitat and migration;
• Create a “one size fits all” set of rules, restrictions and requirements for all lands regardless of ownership;
• Require wildlife surveys on private adjacent lands, setting up potential conflicts with landowners;
• Require notification and consultation with adjacent landowners on new well and production equipment locations;
• Greatly expand the definition and regulation of development near rivers, creeks and other water courses;
• Preempt both federal government and Indian tribal regulation and the authority of local government;
• Result in lengthy delays and uncertainty in permitting that runs counter to the statutory mandate for a “timely and efficient” permit process;
• With their wide-ranging scope, many of the proposed regulations exceed the legislative intent of Colorado HB1341 and HB1298;

To review the process the state will follow to consider impacts and hear input from the community and public, visit the COGCC website.

The rulemaking process allows for public comment and ARC will be participating, but personal letters from mineral and royalty owners across Colorado will be invaluable.

The American Royalty Council is a forum for reasonable dialogue about the energy industry, and the industry’s ability to provide secure sources of fuel.  Remember, as a royalty owner you can testify as to the importance of royalty income as it flows through your community and state.

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